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Roger Harkavy returns to ask,

> 1) When the Tallgeese is first shown, it has a
> Leo-style head and the faceplace/crest are being held
> in its hand. Is there a story behind that? Is the
> faceplace/crest piece simply ornamental, or does it
> serve a function?

  No idea, sorry. Since the Tallgeese was mothballed with that mask, one
assumes it was created when the original mobile suit was built.

> 2) Does the name "Tallgeese" have a basis in any
> mythology (like the Alliance suits named after
> astrological signs)?

  It's supposed to be an obscure deity - a rain god of some kind - but I've
never been able to dig up the original namesake. The Mercurius and Vayeate
are also named after gods (the latter after an Egyptian god of dance, which
I also can't track down), so this is probably another OZ tradition.

> 3) Am I correct in assuming that the Tallgeese 2 and 3
> are copies of this original mecha made later on in the
> series a la "B-class" Heavy Metals (yet another L-Gaim
> parallel)?

  Actually, the Tallgeese II is assembled from spare parts produced during
the development of the original Tallgeese. Dunno about the Tallgeese III,

  As for the L.Gaim analogy - actually, the B-class heavy metals are
lower-cost descendants of the mighty A-class HMs of yore. The replicas are
still A-class models. For example, the Bat-shu seen in L.Gaim is an A-class
replica of the original Bat-shu; the Bal-bud, if memory serves, is a B-class
heavy metal derived from the Bat-shu.

  In this sense, the Leo is the B-class analogue to the Tallgeese...

> If they make a Leo and
> Maguanac figure, I'd be ecstatic, but I'd be happy
> with just a Tallgeese.

  I put in my vote for the Aries. :-)

> Here's hoping that they're as
> good as the existing MS In Action figures.

  They should be - they're also releasing 'em in Japan...

> Also, is common knowledge?
> Marc, are you involved in this site?

  Nope - though I have written a bunch of stuff for,
which should see the light of day some day soon. is not an
official Bandai or Sunrise site, and I don't know anything about it.

-- Mark

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