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> As a side note, the animation in 0083 is poorer than in 0080. More
nursery school colors, less attention paid to the mechs (those scenes of the
GP01 jogging across the dirt with the other suits as they go after GP02 are
almost painful to watch - compare that to the walk cycles in 0080 and 08th
MS Team) simpler facial designs... even the space scenes are choppier than
the brief ones in 0080. I'm almost sad that I saw 0080 footage first (at a
> convention) because the stuff I've seen after is further away from its
more realistic portrayal of mech battles and character animation. And think
about it in terms of WWII - how many true "epic" battles were there? The
Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor, the Turkey Shoot, Stalingrad, the chasedown
of the Bismarck vs. the weeks and months of nothing battles where people
died but nothing really amazing happened? The huge battles should be rare,
> small fights like in 0080 should be much more common.

I think 0083 bashers tend to dismiss it because it's full of big battles and
mechanized pageantry. However, I think its goal was to acheive the opposite
of 0080. It WAS supposed to be unrealistic, and it states that it intends to
be nothing more than an action series. I think it accomplished being an
action series very well. In some ways, I consider it the most "Hollywood" of
all the Gundams--it follows the standard
"exposition--buildup--twist--conclusion" format, its climax is a big, brassy
collection of set pieces, and there's a love thing going on there that's
thrown in just as well (Is there any Hollywood movie out there with a
believable romance?).

0080 was good too, but when I want some mecha action "mainstream" style,
0083 is the best of the lot.

In terms of animation, 0083 definitely has a bigger budget, and the battles
are choreographed to look prettier than 0080, if less realistic. I see no
problem with that. 0083 isn't shooting for military realism. 0083's
characters pose and move like larger-than-life figures, as opposed to 0080's
more subtle character movements. Again, there's no problem with that. Both
series have different goals.


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