Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:14:16 -0800

>First of all, a quick "hi" to everyone who missed me
>(as well as those who didn't). Secondly, I know this
>isn't primarily a Gundam Wing list, but it's the one
>with the most knowledgeable people on it, IMHO, so I
>figured I'd post this here.

Hi Roger, welcome back dude. BTW, I've been involved
in a discussion with a friend who claims that he read
somewhere (he attributed it to the HCM section from
cooljapanesetoys, but couldn't find the appropriate URL)
that there's a Johnny Ridden's MS-14B Gelgoog HCM which
was given out as special drawing prize, and some gold-
plated Hyaku Shiki HCMs being randomly packed in regular
boxes. Ever heard anything like that? Media Works'
Gundam Plastic Model Catalog ver 2.0 has no references
to these HCMs.

>Some more questions about it:
>1) When the Tallgeese is first shown, it has a
>Leo-style head and the faceplace/crest are being held
>in its hand. Is there a story behind that? Is the
>faceplace/crest piece simply ornamental, or does it
>serve a function?

My guess would be that OZ tried to adopt it but scrapped
the project after realizing the cost and its age. In
the Episode Zero manga a Tallgeese was shown next to
the Shenlong Gundam - it wasn't explicitly stated that
this is the same one that ended up in the possession of
Oz, so there could have been more than just one. Perhaps
each of the five scientists had one of their own Tallgeese.


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