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Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:03:08 -0800

>On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 13:13:24 GMT, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
>> Say.... maybe Zech's is really a genetically altered clone of Char!
>> Nah.
>yeah, can't be coz he's the son of the King of the Sanc Kingdom

If they can pull a "I am not your real father" on Relena, never rule out
the possibility on Zechs.

>but I guess we have to wait and see how they re-align the timelines in
>Turn-A before having a better guess as to how future Gundam series will be.
>but a sure bet is that Bandai/Sunrise will probably milk the UC story a
>little bit more, maybe some OAVs about the time between Double Zeta and
>Char's Counterattack. well, whatever it is, anyone's guess is as good as

I have a feeling that Turn-A will not fully realign all the timelines by
the time all the episodes are aired. It's cool enough that Tomino is
acknowledging them, but I seriously doubt he did Turn-A just to realign
 the timelines. He'll probably leave the order of the timelines ambiguious
at best, and let others fill in the details.


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