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> >on my part. Here I was watching mobile suits and mobile armor and failing to
> >appreciate the people9well characters anyway) who were flying them and their
> >motivations, dreams etc.
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I agree. You can only stomach mecha shows for so long if you don't give a damn about the characters. Not to prolong an argument (but I'm in a work lull at the moment) but Aaron has used as his stance that Gundam *is* a mecha show. True. And Metallica *is* a speed metal band. So why did they record with a symphony orchestra? Because to do the same exact shit time after time after time is boring and predictable as hell. What I get from Aaron
(and I could be *way* wrong here and I don't mean to attack him personally, only to try and explain my interpretation of his explanation) is that 0080 did not follow the typical Gundam pattern of story and then huge mecha battles. But if the layout is *that* predictable, can you really say that it is entertaining enough? When you watch Austin Powers 2 and see the same gags from the first movie only with slightly different characters and outfits,
can it really still be that funny?

As a side note, the animation in 0083 is poorer than in 0080. More nursery school colors, less attention paid to the mechs (those scenes of the GP01 jogging across the dirt with the other suits as they go after GP02 are almost painful to watch - compare that to the walk cycles in 0080 and 08th MS Team) simpler facial designs... even the space scenes are choppier than the brief ones in 0080. I'm almost sad that I saw 0080 footage first (at a comic
convention) because the stuff I've seen after is further away from its more realistic portrayal of mech battles and character animation. And think about it in terms of WWII - how many true "epic" battles were there? The Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor, the Turkey Shoot, Stalingrad, the chasedown of the Bismarck vs. the weeks and months of nothing battles where people died but nothing really amazing happened? The huge battles should be rare, the
small fights like in 0080 should be much more common.

> >None of that in Macross.... heh.
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> >Emery
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> None of that in Macross? What about Roy? What about the hundreds of pilots and ships crew that die? What about the billions on Earth you die in the Zentreadi holocaust? Hikaru, like Amuro, Seabook, and so many other kids in Gundam, giving up alot of his dreams and forced to become a pilot and fight in a war that he did not truly want to.
> Just because it ain't always said, don't mean it ain't there.

Didn't have that in the character development side. If people die but you don't care it's not because you're heartless but because the story didn't allow for time to connect to the victims. The main thought going through my mind during Macross/Robotech/Do You Remember Love has always been "Can't a stray missle spray Minmey's brains across the SDF-1?"


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