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On Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:55:36 -0800 (PST) garrick lee <> wrote:
>i watched all of it.

Looks like you judge anime by the same three categories I do: Plot, music and animation. For me if an anime is good in two departments, I can watch it with litle complaint, but if it has all three, GREAT! And if it only has one, I have to force myself to watch it (Legend of Crystania anyone?).

Of course, there are exceptions. Alot of stuff by Leiji Matsumoto lacks what I consider good animation (character wise at least, I mean alot of it was first made back in the 70s) and the music is usually not to my taste, but, WOW, the stories and plots. I fell in love with the Galaxy Express 999 manga and it really carried over well to the anime. And Queen Emeraldas and Arcadia of My Youth did not dissappoint either.

Warning before watching these though, if you thought Evangelion was angst filled, you ain't seen nothing until you've seen Arcadia of My Youth or Queen Emeraldas.

And I still have to laugh that when he first came up with the character of Emeraldas, he named her for her hair. He thought emeralds were red.

>4) music but gundam has never been big in
>the musical department, far as i can tell.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? Have you never heard the soundtracks to 0083? Or Gundam X? Or F91? Or Gundam Wing? Or CCA? Or even the opening and closing credits to 8th MS Team? That is really great music! Some of the best music I've ever heard in anime (and I only own about 45 or 50 anime soundtracks from Macross to Gundam to Bubblegum Crisis to Nadesico to Record of Lodoss War to Key the Metal Idol to Tank Police to Armitage the Third to Evangelion. I even bought a copy of the original Orguss ST. And out of those 50, around 6 or so are Gundam STs (of course, another 11 or so are Macross CDs)). Granted the music is some of the older tv series ain't the best, but don't say Gundam ain't got good music!

>5) the the only thing that carried the show
>for me. while i found it unnecessarily complicated
>and full of undue plot twists in some cases, it was
>good and refreshing (with the damn cheesiest happy
>ending in a gundam show could say it's the
>complete opposite of 0080's ending with chris and al,
>and no bernie). g gundam was easily the most original
>thing to come out of the bandai cash cow continuum in
>a while. :)

Hmmm, I might have to check it out sometime.


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