garrick lee (
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:55:36 -0800 (PST)

i watched all of it.

some brief comments:

1) the mech designs are a dud. i remember the super
robot days, but some of the designs are really pushing
the tolerance limit. windmill gundams and mermaid
gundams don't make my day. in my opinion there should
have been only one gundam -- the devil gundam, sort of
a holy grail gundam kind of thing.

2) the character designs are overly simplistic. for
something done in the 90's, they were horrible and
looked like something from the bad 70's -- even
mazinger z had better looking characters. :P bad, but
right on the money for typical anime characters --
y'know, weird hairdo, weird color of hair, weird

3) the animation was sub-par, i found. too many of
the dragonball-esque fighting sequences....where they
just draw lots of hands and lots of feet all over the
place to represent the fighters throwing many punches
and kicks. imagine donald duck flailing his arms
around -- that should give you an idea of the typical
g gundam fight sequence animation.

4) music but gundam has never been big in
the musical department, far as i can tell.

5) the the only thing that carried the show
for me. while i found it unnecessarily complicated
and full of undue plot twists in some cases, it was
good and refreshing (with the damn cheesiest happy
ending in a gundam show could say it's the
complete opposite of 0080's ending with chris and al,
and no bernie). g gundam was easily the most original
thing to come out of the bandai cash cow continuum in
a while. :)

should you rent it? if you can get past the butt ugly
mech and character designs, and the sloppy animation,
it'll give you satisfaction.

i gotta say though...i still dozed off a few times
(not as much as i did in g wing) in the course of the
series as it aired. i'd blame it on the time of day,
except that 4:30 pm is not nap time. there are a few
slow and dreary parts, but it's all good. :)

they should get rid of the shining finger though. i
fail to see the significance of the finger (not the
bird) to the japanese folk.


--- Rodrick Su <> wrote:
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> > From: Enriquez, Eric
> >
> > I have not seen any of the series other than the 2
> intros. The animation
> > looks good (it should for an into) and although
> the premise about Gundams
> > fighting a la Street fighter seems enjoyable, it
> could have some good plot
> > lines yes?
> >
> > I have read many, many bad comments about G but
> has anyone
> > actually seen the
> > whole series?
> >
> I've seen all of it. If you can put in your mind
> that this is NOT the
> Gundam of OYW & Zeta, but a return of Super Robot
> genre of the early '70s,
> you'll be greatly rewarded. G Gundam is made by the
> same folks who made
> Giant Robo, and it is a hidden gem.
> > Should I rent it? I found both G and V Gundam for
> rent at a
> > store but it's
> > about a hour drive away from me and I was thinking
> about renting several
> > tapes at a time if it was deemed worthy.....
> >
> Try G Gundam first. V Gundam can be extremely
> depressing, Tomino really
> went out of his way to kill his characters.
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