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> From: Enriquez, Eric
> I have not seen any of the series other than the 2 intros. The animation
> looks good (it should for an into) and although the premise about Gundams
> fighting a la Street fighter seems enjoyable, it could have some good plot
> lines yes?
> I have read many, many bad comments about G but has anyone
> actually seen the
> whole series?

I've seen all of it. If you can put in your mind that this is NOT the
Gundam of OYW & Zeta, but a return of Super Robot genre of the early '70s,
you'll be greatly rewarded. G Gundam is made by the same folks who made
Giant Robo, and it is a hidden gem.

> Should I rent it? I found both G and V Gundam for rent at a
> store but it's
> about a hour drive away from me and I was thinking about renting several
> tapes at a time if it was deemed worthy.....

Try G Gundam first. V Gundam can be extremely depressing, Tomino really
went out of his way to kill his characters.

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