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Tallgeese Questions.

First of all, a quick "hi" to everyone who missed me
(as well as those who didn't). Secondly, I know this
isn't primarily a Gundam Wing list, but it's the one
with the most knowledgeable people on it, IMHO, so I
figured I'd post this here.

I have to admit it, I'm now hooked on Gundam Wing. I
really didn't think I'd like it but it's interesting
to see a retelling of the original mythos with some
interesting twists. I'm glad that the mecha designs
include enough "grunts" like the Leo and Maguanac, but
I'm quickly becoming a big fan of the Tallgeese. It
reminds me of a Gundam done up as a Roman soldier as
opposed to the standard samurai motif. Also, for some
reason my mind is drawing a parallel between it and
the L-Gaim Mark 1. Maybe it's the white coloring, that
arm-mounted cannon, and the "leggy" look that it has.
Nagano by way of Katoki. Anyone else see any

Some more questions about it:

1) When the Tallgeese is first shown, it has a
Leo-style head and the faceplace/crest are being held
in its hand. Is there a story behind that? Is the
faceplace/crest piece simply ornamental, or does it
serve a function?

2) Does the name "Tallgeese" have a basis in any
mythology (like the Alliance suits named after
astrological signs)? Or is it just some goofy mecha
designer's name for a large, old mobile suit that's
been sitting around gathering dust (the "tall geez")?

3) Am I correct in assuming that the Tallgeese 2 and 3
are copies of this original mecha made later on in the
series a la "B-class" Heavy Metals (yet another L-Gaim

Any info on this is appreciated, thanks. I ordered a
Tallgeese kit from ActionAce (free shipping!) and I'm
anxious to see which designs end up being made into
action figures by Bandai. If they make a Leo and
Maguanac figure, I'd be ecstatic, but I'd be happy
with just a Tallgeese. Here's hoping that they're as
good as the existing MS In Action figures.

Also, is common knowledge?
Marc, are you involved in this site?

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