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>on my part. Here I was watching mobile suits and mobile armor and failing to
>appreciate the people9well characters anyway) who were flying them and their
>motivations, dreams etc.
>None of that in Macross.... heh.

None of that in Macross? What about Roy? What about the hundreds of pilots and ships crew that die? What about the billions on Earth you die in the Zentreadi holocaust? Hikaru, like Amuro, Seabook, and so many other kids in Gundam, giving up alot of his dreams and forced to become a pilot and fight in a war that he did not truly want to.

Just because it ain't always said, don't mean it ain't there.

The one scene in Robotech (I'm not positive on the original Macross translation of the scene, but I imagine it was very similar), was in Force of Arms. It was when it shows a soldier talking with a little girl, asking her how old she is, and her replying 2, just as a reflex blast hits and kills them both. What about their dreams? I don't even remember Gundam ever having a seen quite like that, with them focusing on someone so young being killed.

And then there is Macross, Do You Remember Love? When Hikaru's sempai Roy is killed right in front of eyes, and Misa tells him to continue his mission, to which he lashes back at her. And then Misa giving up after she sees that Earth was destroyed. Misa almost giving up in the original series when thinking about her fiance on Mars, etc.

And then in Macross Plus, Guld sacrificing his life so that the mission could succeed. Macross 7, with Basara almost sacrificing his life so that an enemy might live.

All of these Macross series had characters who had dreams and motivations, but that were sacrificed to fight wars that were forced on them.

Don't say Macross did not have that.

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