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> --- "Califf, Jennifer" <jcaliff@nsai-petro.com> wrote:
> > I agree. Gundam's excellence depends on its story as
> much as mecha/chara design.

You forgot about the completely absolutely insane Salvadore Dali inspired
aircraft and tank/apc designs. :)
> > I think it's interesting seeing creators look at the
> > series from a different perspective.
> I feel the same for 0080; Fumihiko Takayama (0080's
> director) has that different approach and that's what
> make 0080 such an excellent Gundam series.
> Nightingale.

I'd like to see the crew that did the Patlabor films take a crack at a
Gundam story someday. Maybe make it during peacetime between wars along the
same lines as Macross Plus in setting with test pilots, reintegration of
verterans back into society etc. etc.

Anyway both of the Patlabor films were sort of future noirish in their
pacing and I think it might well be the way for a short UC Gundam OAV to go.

I think I'd like to see the next step of Gundam UC too with the beginnings
of interstellar colonization. Maybe a long 15 year sub-luminal trip in
caravans of huge mobile colonies along a well worn route would be a good
setting and different groups of would be colonists en-route begin fighting
over resources xenophobia or whatever. And it could span several years and
end up with arrival at the colony star which is in the process of being
settled. Maybe there could be a shift in Mobile suit warfare to the point
where it is as different from UC0079 warfare as 2000 warfare is from the

I dunno. Just off topic brain storming here.


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