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> I agree. Gundam's excellence depends on its story as
> much as mecha/chara design.

So do I. Gundam's excellecne is in BOTH it characters and mecha.

> I feel the same for 0080; Fumihiko Takayama (0080's
> director) has that different approach and that's what
> make 0080 such an excellent Gundam series.

Yes, but I like to see more then about 4-5 minutes of mecha combat total in a
mecha series as well as a good story in a mecha series. 0080 had a darn fine
story. I wish there would where more joyful endings as well. It would be nice
to have a fairly happy ending once and a while, though.

Gundam can be done in a different perspective and still have a decent amount
of mecha combat. I mean, the Kampfer barely had any time in the spot light.
These are just my opinions, though and others have theirs.


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