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> On Mon, 27 Mar 2000 20:26:55 EST, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
> > > Yes, it is. 0080 had a good story, but it was missing something
> more
> > important then mecha. I can't explain it, so don't ask.
> I'll wager a guess. Is it because 0080 is lacking the epic scope that
> other Gundam show has?
> Jojo

I dunno. 0080 pretty much knocked me on my butt. I was sort of amost crying
when Alfred tried to tell Christine that Bernie was fine and couldn't make
it to say goodbye. The fact that they made the whole thing unecessary with
the news about the interdicted Zeon strike really hit home about young
heroes wasted in senseless conflicts. I had a sizable lump in my throat and
a real bummer feeling.

I thought it was among the best Gundams ever and it gave me those same
Heebie Jeebies as after Amuro (aiming for Char) accidently sank his beam
sabre into the Elmeth and (after a long psychic farewell) mumbled under his
breath that he'd done something awful that he can't ever undo...he killed

It kind of made the mecha and the focus on them seem like a character defect
on my part. Here I was watching mobile suits and mobile armor and failing to
appreciate the people9well characters anyway) who were flying them and their
motivations, dreams etc.

None of that in Macross.... heh.


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