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Mon, 27 Mar 2000 23:24:15 -0800

Has there been any rumblings about what may come after Turn A gundam has
finished its run?

When I first watched Gundam (0083 ... oh, so good), I was not yet a Gundam
fan, so I wasn't
on the lookout for information and such. By the time I watched Wing I was
completely hooked
and started looking for info. This would have been when Turn A was just
starting to air, I guess,
so there was no "prerelease" info to be had.

So for your oldtime gundam fans, is there a Bandai hype machine for the next
series? Is there
leaked info and such?

Obviously something comes next ... will it be back to UC? A continuation of
a previous
alternate universe? Another new alternate?

(btw, this is Nicholas Paufler ( ... since i got this
spiffy domain in january
[all hail's $12 domains] I figured I should switch it over now
that I finally got email working.
No, i'm not a rabid Wing fanboy, its just sounds cool, and is
gundam related at the same time)

Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler
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