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> > Gundam HG Web and various other sources report that MG RX-79(G) Ground
> > combat Gundam from 08th MS Team is coming out in May.
> Alright! I am surprised by this, but in a good way. Now, how about a MG
> Garbera Tetra? The Neue Ziel is probably too big . The 0083 MG GP-01 needs
> enemy to fight! :) Has Bandai ever said anything about a GP-03 MG kit?
> Thank you for the scoop, Tet.
> Aaron
    Along with a AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra and GP-03S Stamen, we need a Sazabi
and Nu Gundam. Then we would really be on a roll. It would also be nice to
see a MG Kampfer, but I doubt that will happen. Ahhhh wishful thinking.

-Ryan Freeman-

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