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> this is really off topic (haven't read the rest of the
> posts yet), but i gotta speak for g.i.joe in this
> unfair comparison.
> it's not the fault of g.i.joe that no one gets killed
> in what has to be the most ridiculous display of
> deus-ex-machina-good-guys-never-die syndrome. blame
> it on the censors and watchdog groups.

even the bad guys don't die

but Transformers the movie did give us the action and violence we crave.
they just had as much deaths as Char's Counterattack. on the other hand,
the only casualty of GI Joe the movie was Duke who went into a coma but
recovered in the end (thus no deaths)

the comparison here is that both Gundam and GI Joe portray a war. I just
thought of the comparison because we were talking about deaths and we all
know deaths are part of a war. so what's the use of having a series,
cartoon or otherwise, about war and nobody dies? because you can't show
violence on air? then just show the Monchichies instead. =)

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