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> I'll tell you a secret. I like Gundam, and for the most part, I don't give
> a damn about the mechs. For me, the only reason to watch Gundam is for the
> story. And even if 0080 hadn't had a single mech in it, it would still be
> "Gundam" show if it was officially part of the series and fit into
> continuity.

I like Gundam because of its story and mecha. I will not watch mecha shows
with a bad story. I like mecha and a good story, I do not watch a show just
for mecha or combat. That's good that you like Gundam for story sake, it
takes all kinds. I just wouldn't expect Gundam to get rid of mecha anytime
soon! :)

> I think it's interesting seeing creators look at the series from a
> perspective.

Yes, it is. 0080 had a good story, but it was missing something else more
important then mecha. I can't explain it, so don't ask. Don't mean to be
rude, but I am finished and tired of this discussion. We each like Gundam for
different reasons and any further discussion is just opinion debating and I
like to discuss, not feel like I am in a debate.


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