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WooJin wrote:

> Blah..FM3 left a bad taste in my stomach. I can't help feel that it's a
> poor man's FM2, alhebit a faster on the load times..

Mind explaining why? I played up until about mission 16 or so on FM2 and gave
it up as it was _so_ slow. I really preferred the first Front Mission, even if
the graphics weren't that great. Ever played FM: Gun Hazard? >:)

And to keep it on topic...

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> > NOTICE- I was going to wait until I had something that people could
> > look at but I might as well reveal that I am working an a big
> > help/strategy guide for Giren's greed as part of my website. I've
> > made screenshots of all the menus and lists and will be posting
> > translations to start out with. (Anyone who wants to help or add
> > anything just e-mail me.) Give me a few more days.

All I can say is, cool!



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