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> Yes, I understand this as well, but part of what makes Gundam,
> Gundam is the
> mecha battles and its story. Gundam without mecha battles, is just a
> war
> story, that could be done without the Gundam name. Gundam without
> its story,
> would be like everyother "me too" mecha show. Gundam was ground

I'll tell you a secret. I like Gundam, and for the most part, I don't give
a damn about the mechs. For me, the only reason to watch Gundam is for the
story. And even if 0080 hadn't had a single mech in it, it would still be a
"Gundam" show if it was officially part of the series and fit into

I think it's interesting seeing creators look at the series from a different



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