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> >
> > As for StarDust I'm not sure you can blame this on Zeon. Remember
> > that Delaz
> > was running a splinter terrorist group of extremists and was personally
> > loyal to Gren Zabi prior to A Bao A Kou (Not Dozzle or Kirishia)
> > and to boot
> > was apparently more concerned with Zeon's loss of face and honor
> > than he was
> > with the fact that the war had cost Mankind 1/2 of it's population. (Or
> > least a whole hell of a lot of people.) I would think that the new Side
> > civilian goverment was slapping it's collective forehead while at the
> > time chuckling about the Federation's discomfort.
> >
> What are you talking about? Stardust will at the very least finish off a
> couple of millions of Earthnoids civilians whose only crime is that they
> not of the "Chosen" one of Side 3. I supposed that you are going on and
> saying that it isn't Nazi's fault for killing off all of the civilians in
> WWII because they are uphelding Aryan honor?

If they killed them off 3-4 years after the fall of the Berlin and the
dissolution of the third Reich and after Nuremburg trials and they do it
from a neutral country like Argentina then yeah I'm saying that Germany and
it's new government are no longer responsible.

Star Dust wasn't an operation by Zeon but by one of it's remnants. It's
quite simple. Delaz flett was only as official military organization in
Delaz and his followers head and he was certainly outlawed by the armistice
after A Bao A Kou.


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