Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 13:14:01 -0800

>I am considering getting the PG Zeta (despite its truly ludicrous price
>tag). Eddie
>is it worth me getting?

I need to look over the kit more carefully. Considering that the kit
transforms, and you get light-up beam sabers and other light-up parts,
it's like a PG Gundam + Custom Set Part I in 1 package. I think if it were
15,000 yen then I'd definitely recommend it, but at 20,000 yen a pop, it is
quite an investment. I'd recommend a sit-and-wait approach - keep checking
eBay for cheap deals that'd net you the PG Zeta for $200 or less INCLUDING
SHIPPING. The price will eventually go down. You should only get one now
if you're a collector and want to make sure that you get the 1st print edition
gift (a motion hologram card).

BTW... those who complained about how parts-ridden and time consuming it is
to put the PG Gundam together should just forget about this kit altogether.
There are over 800 parts!!!


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