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> > Yeah, and the the Zeon also gassed and nuked entire colonies and kill
> their entire populations at the beginning of the 1 Year War, and
> then there
> is Operation British, Operation Star Dust, and the asteroids
> Char's Neo-Zeon
> drop on Earth, all of which undoubtably killed millions. Which is better?
> >
> Hmm. My understanding was that the Fed used their share of nukes
> and gas and
> were more or less ready to sign the Antarctic treaty. In any case the Feds
> do not appear to be reluctant to use overkill force, blow up civilians,
> slaughter tons of innocents or participate in other forms of
> atrocity. Earth
> was just an easier target than Side 3. Earth didn't have any space
> fortresses for instance(at least none that I know of). And they had to
> launch a whole new fleet....

Ahmm... No. During the OYW, the Federation Forces did not use poison gas
of any type. Poison Gas are primary use against civilian colony cylanders.
As Federation never got anywhere close to Side 3 during the initial
conflict, there are no chance of them deploying the gas. As for nukes, it's
a legitimate military weapon. They just uses a bit too much during the
Battle of the Ruum. They can share the blame for Side 5's total
destruction, but most of the civilian damages were unintentional.

Once again, EFF didn't uses any weapons directly against civilian targets
(they weren't closed to any enemy civilians). Zoen's use of NBC on the
other hand were deliberately aimed at the civilian populations.

> As for StarDust I'm not sure you can blame this on Zeon. Remember
> that Delaz
> was running a splinter terrorist group of extremists and was personally
> loyal to Gren Zabi prior to A Bao A Kou (Not Dozzle or Kirishia)
> and to boot
> was apparently more concerned with Zeon's loss of face and honor
> than he was
> with the fact that the war had cost Mankind 1/2 of it's population. (Or at
> least a whole hell of a lot of people.) I would think that the new Side 3
> civilian goverment was slapping it's collective forehead while at the same
> time chuckling about the Federation's discomfort.

What are you talking about? Stardust will at the very least finish off a
couple of millions of Earthnoids civilians whose only crime is that they are
not of the "Chosen" one of Side 3. I supposed that you are going on and
saying that it isn't Nazi's fault for killing off all of the civilians in
WWII because they are uphelding Aryan honor?

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