Oliver Barder (O.J.Barder@psy.hull.ac.uk)
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 17:03:25 +0100

>Good question! I just checked out the PG Zeta last night. Can't believe
>they charged TWICE the amount of a PG Gundam kit, the box is not even 50%
>larger than the PG Gundam. It's slightly taller than MG GP02A/Dom/Super
>Gundam's box, and thicker than the PG Gundam's box. The outer box is not
>your usual two-part (top fits over bottom) box, but a single body with opening
>on the left and right sides. This carrying case houses 2 boxes inside, which
>are about MG Dom-box-sized. One box has a drawing of Zeta in MS mode and the
>other box shows the Waverider. 1st print edition comes with a holographic
>motion card, similar to the ones that came with the 1999 Tokyo Plastic Model
>and RC Fair show-exclusive MG Casval's Gundam and MG Gato's Gelgoog. In other
>words, the cards appear unusually dark and must be held up against a light
>source to view (quite impossible without removing it from its packaging,
>because it was sealed in plastic with a cardboard behind it!). Tons of metal
>screws, I guess snap-fit wasn't good enough for this massive kit.

I am considering getting the PG Zeta (despite its truly ludicrous price
tag). Eddie
is it worth me getting?


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