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>this is really off topic (haven't read the rest of the
>posts yet), but i gotta speak for g.i.joe in this
>unfair comparison.
>it's not the fault of g.i.joe that no one gets killed
>in what has to be the most ridiculous display of
>deus-ex-machina-good-guys-never-die syndrome. blame
>it on the censors and watchdog groups.
>in the heyday of g.i.joe, cartoons were expressly
>forbidden to show deaths and explicit violence of any
>kind. some of them even went so far as to state a
>"karma" rule -- good guys never initiate conflict, bad
>guys do. and stupid things happen to bad guys who
>start the conflict. (i.e. he-man & the masters of the
>universe -- bad guys fire a laser beam, it's deflected
>back at them, etc. etc.)
>blame the differences in culture, not the differences
>in cartoons.

And actually the GI Joe comics (the 80s versions, not the older GI Joe one, of course (I actually have some of the originals when GI Joe was actually a GI named Joe)) were a little better. Cobra soldiers died all the time, were blown to pieces, etc. Even those in fighters. I guess the reasoning was that the comic readers were more mature than those who just watched the cartoon.

However, that did not mean that any of the Joes ever got killed. Well, not until around issue 100 or so, when they killed off like 1/3rd or more of the team within the span of 5 or 10 issues.


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