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> I am not BLAMING Tomino for all the deaths. I was saying that while there
> some good characters that would be neat to see what it's like if they
> have lived and that deaths of good or loved characters, helps add
> impact.

well, it's far better than having a G.I. Joe type of show. I mean, they're
supposed to be an elite force, and there they go shooting at each other and
wasting billions of dollars worth of equipment and not one soldier even
suffers a flesh wound. but they do have pretty damn good refexes since they
are always able to eject or bail out from their vehecles just before it
explodes or before it gets hit. oh well, they can justify that in the
Gundam universe as being a newtype ability. hahahahahahahahah. imagine a
world population of 11 billion, a war of epic proportions, tons of scrap
metal floating in space from all the battleships and mobile suits destroyed,
colonies dropped on earth, and somehow not one casualty. YO JOE!!!!

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