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> That's what I was trying to say. Nakajima, he was millitary, but did he
> control over who could and could take/use Unit 3? Was the Unit 3 already
> to the Feds or was AE bringing it to the Feds, then receive payment for
> 3? Either way, I bet the millitary and AE where ticked off when Kou took
> 3, but they didn't have to shot an innocent and most probably wouldn't,

If you wacth the MS Gundam movies and Zeta Gundam you should have a pretty
good idea that the Fed military can be supremely arrogant. In the original
series a fed officer tried to court martial the White Base refugee crew(who
had been pressed into service BTW) for messing with Federation prototypes
and experimental materials. He wanted to imprison or execute them for saving
the suits and ship from Char's commando raid on side 7.

It is also made apparent that Zeon troops tended to treat civilians better
during the Earth occupation than the Federation troops who were supposedly
defending them. Zeon handed out chocolate bars, bought poor folks free
meals, and were pretty much as easy as they could be on a hostile subject
population. The Feds were breaking into peoples houses getting drunk,
trashing the place and taking whatever they wanted. When the owners
complained they were beaten and told that they should be grateful for the
"protection" they were being provided.

Look at General Reville. He keeps an experimental ship with a dead crew(
staffed by kids and refugees) in the thick of battle to get test data on new
types, x-suits, and just confuse the Zeon forces. He finally resupplies them
at Jaburo and just sends them out again to spear-head a feint against

> ma seemed to suddenly snap and go psycho. Nakajima seemed to always be on
> verge of loosing it and I wasn't surprised that he would try something.
> Tomino sure likes to kill of good characters, Lucettee, Cima, etc. I was
> saddened by Lt. Burnings death, he was such a good character. Tomino sure

> knows how to write stories with impact and emotion. Kou slaghtered Cima.

I'm not sure ...was Tomino involved in 0083?

> Cima seemed a little bit evil, she would have been an interesting
> if she would have survived. She did betry the Zeons to the Feds, so she's
> all bad. The Fed Leaders really aren't much better the the Zeon Leaders,
> though. The Feds had a tatical nuke Gundam created and the Zeons did a
> drop and tried a second one, both sides have done some horriable things.

Chima was betrayed by Side 3 after the fall of A Bao A Kou. Apparently she
was a black ops type who did a lot of things the Zeon military found too
distasteful to assign to the regular military. She was considered an
expendable mercenary asset not unlike the Cyclops team of 0080 as far as I
can tell. Apparently after the Armistice with the ArchDuchy she and a lot of
others were SOLD OUT to Federation representatives so they could be tried
and hung for "war crimes" which they had been ordered to commit in order to
destabilize the Federation. Zeon betrayed her first. Delaz made it clear
that he didn't care what happened to her al long as she played her part in
StarDust. He hasn't got much right to complain at her double cross.

In Gundam the Zeon were usually portrayed as an enlightened but misguided
people. They were under the Spell of Gren Zabi who was prehaps the most
rabid and cold hearted of all the Spacenoid zealots. Gren saw Zeon(the
nation) as the ultimate expression of human evolution and believed that this
would be the last war. That's why he was willing to go so far. Once the
"excess population" was disposed of he though he would lead mankind to a
permanent and properous destiny amongst the stars. His own father the
previoud Dictator was unwilling to allow Gren's dreams to go any further and
he attempted to surrender to Reville before Gren used the "Colony laser" to
put an end to his overtures and the bulk of the Federation Space forces.

The Federation is sort of a Hydra. It is corrupt, nepotistic, and often the
clutches of the Gaia worshiping Earth fearing zealots who think that Space
is driving people insane and that Earth must guide her excess population who
inhabit the colonies and annihilate those who think that they can exist
without the holy Earth. Most of the time the Fed can't seem to decide who is
in charge and they all follow wimpy factions and consensus governments until
the ussual melt-down/coup/civil war erupts. The Fed is viewed by Spacenoids
as anachronistic, schitzophrenic, and too reactionary to get along with by

Balanced between them are the Moon and the Jupiter Energy fleets who seem to
pull strings and get rich off both sides.

Gundam UC is usually about the small folks who get caught up in these huge
grinding gears and the hardships they go through. I think Gundam is not only
anti-war but perhaps a reaction against those who follow ideaologies,
nationalism, racism(newtypes vs. old types), religeons(Zanscarl), kook
history(Cosmo Babylon), and whatever else to the point where they go to war.
Pretty much all organizations are evil except those that are formed to calm
things down or prevent conflict(Kalaba, Lond Bell, AEUG, League Militaire

> Aaron

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