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> Um, Tomino didn't have anything to do with 0083, other than it used his
> original Gundam setting. Not writing the story, not helping in the
> (as far as I know at least), nothing. He is only responsible for giving the
> writers, Takashi Imanishi, Fuyushi Gobu, Akinori Endo,
> Asahide Oakum, Ryosuke Takahashi, a place to play in. He's not even listed
> in the credits (except maybe as from the original Gundam concept/design).
> t beleive me? Go to the Mecha Domain

I believe you, don't bite my head off! His name is in the beginning credits,
though. Jeez, I didn't know if Tomino wrote it or not, was just commenting on
his characters in general, but used some from 0083 as an example, not knowing
that Tomino did not make them.

It was an honest mistake. I don't want to be a Gundam guru, so I sometimes
forget facts. There's so many different Gundam shows, sometimes I get mixed

> or the Gundam Project page(s):
> So don't go blaming Tomino for all the deaths (although, judging from Zeta
> and Char's Counterattack, he'd have no problem killing off the characters
> mentioned.

I am not BLAMING Tomino for all the deaths. I was saying that while there are
some good characters that would be neat to see what it's like if they would
have lived and that deaths of good or loved characters, helps add emotional


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