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> I know all this, that's why I asked, because I did not know if Unit 3 was

> already payed and wanted to know if the Vin En Rose (Can't remember the
> spelling) was shipping the Unit 3 to the Feds? I assume it was.

well, only the Feds order Gundams =)

AE is much like the suppliers of military hardwares today, they do keep
design secrets of what they build from the other army. otherwise Zeon would
have ordered Gundams as well. they just build according to the
specifications given by their customer.

well, it will be another discussion if the Feds have credit from AE or they
have already paid for the Gundam. in any case they brought the GP03 on the
transport ship (forgot the spelling of the name too ^_^). now they tried to
finish the unit as soon as possible so that the Feds can use it because they
already lost unit 1 and 2 and they still have a war to finish.

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