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> if you look at the Zeon side, Cima would be really bad because she betrayed
> them =)

Yes, Cima sure would :)

> well, having military personel on the transport ship could mean that the
> GP03 is under military jurisdiction. although the ship is Anaheim property
> if the unit is considered sold then the military has jurisdiction over it.
> it's like saying that you ordered something from HLJ and kit is already
> UPS. is that UPS property, HLJ, or yours? well, definitely its your
> property because you already paid for it (they'll await proper payment
> before shipping) although if it gets lost during the shipping, it's their
> fault, but still the kit is yours, that is why you have the right to ask
> a replacement, they just have the duty to bring you the item you ordered in
> one piece.

I know all this, that's why I asked, because I did not know if Unit 3 was
already payed and wanted to know if the Vin En Rose (Can't remember the right
spelling) was shipping the Unit 3 to the Feds? I assume it was.


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