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> That's what I was trying to say. Nakajima, he was millitary, but did he
> control over who could and could take/use Unit 3? Was the Unit 3 already
> to the Feds or was AE bringing it to the Feds, then receive payment for
> 3? Either way, I bet the millitary and AE where ticked off when Kou took
> 3, but they didn't have to shot an innocent and most probably wouldn't,
> ma seemed to suddenly snap and go psycho. Nakajima seemed to always be on
> verge of loosing it and I wasn't surprised that he would try something.
> Tomino sure likes to kill of good characters, Lucettee, Cima, etc. I was
> saddened by Lt. Burnings death, he was such a good character. Tomino sure

> knows how to write stories with impact and emotion. Kou slaghtered Cima.

> Cima seemed a little bit evil, she would have been an interesting
> if she would have survived. She did betry the Zeons to the Feds, so she's
> all bad. The Fed Leaders really aren't much better the the Zeon Leaders,
> though. The Feds had a tatical nuke Gundam created and the Zeons did a
> drop and tried a second one, both sides have done some horriable things.

if you look at the Zeon side, Cima would be really bad because she betrayed
them =)

well, having military personel on the transport ship could mean that the
GP03 is under military jurisdiction. although the ship is Anaheim property
if the unit is considered sold then the military has jurisdiction over it.
it's like saying that you ordered something from HLJ and kit is already with
UPS. is that UPS property, HLJ, or yours? well, definitely its your
property because you already paid for it (they'll await proper payment
before shipping) although if it gets lost during the shipping, it's their
fault, but still the kit is yours, that is why you have the right to ask for
a replacement, they just have the duty to bring you the item you ordered in
one piece.

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