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> His reaction after he shot Lucette was pretty psycho, and the guard to his
> left was looking at him pretty funny when he started to reload his gun. Of
> course, when he tried to put the blame on Kou for Lucette's death, we knew
> then that he was in fact a pretty bad bastard.

Excatly, that's how I knew he was psycho. Plus, to seemed to always be bearly
controlling rage or something.

> Cima isn't evil. Evil people do bad things just BECAUSE. Cima's a sneaky,
> conniving, scheming opportunist who does bad things because she's looking
> out for herself. There are a lot of those types around, and these kind of
> people always make for good entertainment.

I meant more that she's a vicious, sneaky, conniving, scheming opportunist
not really evil per say. Yes, they sure do. It seemed she was barely able to
bear it, when she shot that Zeon admiral at the near end of 0083, if she was
truly evil, that probably wouldn't have bothered her.


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