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Master Asia wrote:
> whoops sorry about that.. this is just a test to see how things would go....
> I'll change it soon thank for the info..

no need to apologize. Good modelling and writting.

> Yeah I noticed... the Camera I used made everything a little yellow...
> it was just simply annoying... if you saw my Dom in person Its a dark

Hmm, sounds more like question of lighting than camera. Try to take your
pictures outdoor one bright overcast day and see what it looks like.
Incandescent lights are very yellow and fluoroscent light is a little cold
(iirc). It's amazing human eyes can adjusts to all kind of weird tinted
lights in real life, but if a photograph is a little off, the eyes are
unforgiving. You can buy special color balanced lights for photography but
they are expensive. I just stick to all natural lights.

You have a knack for dramatic posing, really cool. Try and improve your
lighting and focussing. Use a tripod if you have one.

> purple, a VERY dark purple... and wow Mr.Color kills your airbrush and
> gives you hours of cleaning fun.....

Ok dark purple sounds right.

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