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Blah..FM3 left a bad taste in my stomach. I can't help feel that it's a
poor man's FM2, alhebit a faster on the load times..

How do you get The all female faction anway? Just curious ^^;;

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> >I finally managed to beat part 2 under Zeon, in 212 Turns since I'm so
> >conservative ;) but man I kicked Axis and AEUG both in under 10 turns!
> >Hehehe.
> Yep, Giren's Greed has become the core of my life. Who knows when my
> recently purchased Front Mission 3 will ever be opened? I've beaten
> the game as the Feds, Zeon, and Jamitov's Titans. (I'm working on
> Neo-Zeon now.)
> >Well, I raised the difficulty bar to normal(the default is easy) and
> >a new game as the AEUG..and I must say that the game is a lot harder,
> >there are 3 sides to start out with and you are the weakest of the three
> >when you start. The enemies are a lot more aggressive, and a number of
> >bases I have have already switched hans numerous times.
> Yes, I've noticed that the game is much tougher when you play as
> these other factions. (other than feds and regular Zeon). I tried
> playing as Delaz Fleet but it was incredibly tough. You start out
> with only the Thorn garden and Africa bases while the rest of the map
> is divided between Titans and AEUG. Also you only have 7 characters,
> and the best space unit you can build are Rick Doms against the
> Titans Quells. I lasted about 15 turns before I gave it up and
> started with the Titans. They were easier, but still very difficult.
> I think the factions are hard the further down the list they are.
> Thus making Hamaan's All-female factions the hardest of them all.
> Oh, and I was very disappointed that victory with Jamitov's Titans
> only rewarded me with three still-pictures and a voice-over; no
> anime-cut scene. The Titans do have a new MS- the Prototype Mark II.
> It looks like a Quell with a Gundam head and GP01-fb shield. Lame! In
> a game like Giren's Greed where the continuity can be thrown out the
> window you think they could come up with something more exciting that
> this! I mean how about letting the conservative General Revell build
> a giant Fed Mobile Armor? Actually there is a lot I'd love to discuss
> about this game but I've just been so busy playing it... :)
> NOTICE- I was going to wait until I had something that people could
> look at but I might as well reveal that I am working an a big
> help/strategy guide for Giren's greed as part of my website. I've
> made screenshots of all the menus and lists and will be posting
> translations to start out with. (Anyone who wants to help or add
> anything just e-mail me.) Give me a few more days.
> SOFTWARE GLITCH in Giren's Greed.
> I just played a few more turns in Casval's Neo Zeon and on turn 50
> Casval starts talking about Amuro, and Newtypes. Then you have an
> option, Yes or NO. Choose yes, and after a another message from
> Casval, the screen flashes and the game locks up. No cursor, no
> nothing. Choose "no", and the game just goes on. Anyone else run into
> this?
> -James
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