jmrv (
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 20:09:25 -0100

I am looking for a japanese-to-english translation software and I need sugestion. For the moment I can't afford to pay for expensive softwares (i.e. over $100), so I am looking for demos or sharewares. If any of you can help me with this I'll be more than gratefull.
On a related topic, I've read there is (or was) a website that "decoded" (if that's the correct term) Japanese characters into Romanic. That would be helpfull too, but still I would need a diccionary to do the Englsh translation.
Thanks in advance for your time and help.


The mecha list posted the other days was a good resource of information. Thanks to the one who posted it. As you may know I have a mailing list at eGroups called "Technophilia" (, and I was wondering, can I post that list on my mailing list? I'm planning on doing a mini-guide to sci-fi animation and that would be a great addition to the archives.

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