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Sun, 26 Mar 2000 21:19:58 -0500

>Type 100 is 1500 Yens, you can find out by looking for the item number on
>the box, says: 0074438-1500. The number after the hypen is the price,
>it's on every Bandai kits and most Japanese model kits. Funny they print
>the price onto the box, but not always the year of copyright...

whoops sorry about that.. this is just a test to see how things would go....
I'll change it soon thank for the info..

>The Mr. Color for Dom is very surprisingly blue, instead of the canonical
>(?) purple. Is that the true color or a problem with

Yeah I noticed... the Camera I used made everything a little yellow... it was
just simply annoying... if you saw my Dom in person Its a dark purple, a VERY
dark purple... and wow Mr.Color kills your airbrush and gives you hours of
cleaning fun.....

- Roger

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