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> Yes, he was more then a little psycho. Yeah, he had orders, but that
> call for him to go off the deep end. Kou wanted to stop the colony drop,
> wasn't stealing the Unit 3 to steal it, he wanted it to stop the colony
> Nakajima is one of those soliders that will listen to an order and follow
> blindly. Anihem Eletronics doesn't seem one to follow orders, they
> the Feds and Zeons with MS.

AE doesn't have to follow orders, they're not military, they're a civilian
company. business is business, if Fed or Zeon are willing to pay for a
mecha, they'd build it. they're kinda like the neutral side and they don't
really care much about the war as long as they make money off of it. this
is true with a lot of the companies that produce weapons today.

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