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Sun, 26 Mar 2000 18:00:48 -0800

>I finally managed to beat part 2 under Zeon, in 212 Turns since I'm so
>conservative ;) but man I kicked Axis and AEUG both in under 10 turns!

Yep, Giren's Greed has become the core of my life. Who knows when my
recently purchased Front Mission 3 will ever be opened? I've beaten
the game as the Feds, Zeon, and Jamitov's Titans. (I'm working on
Neo-Zeon now.)

>Well, I raised the difficulty bar to normal(the default is easy) and started
>a new game as the AEUG..and I must say that the game is a lot harder, since
>there are 3 sides to start out with and you are the weakest of the three
>when you start. The enemies are a lot more aggressive, and a number of
>bases I have have already switched hans numerous times.

Yes, I've noticed that the game is much tougher when you play as
these other factions. (other than feds and regular Zeon). I tried
playing as Delaz Fleet but it was incredibly tough. You start out
with only the Thorn garden and Africa bases while the rest of the map
is divided between Titans and AEUG. Also you only have 7 characters,
and the best space unit you can build are Rick Doms against the
Titans Quells. I lasted about 15 turns before I gave it up and
started with the Titans. They were easier, but still very difficult.
I think the factions are hard the further down the list they are.
Thus making Hamaan's All-female factions the hardest of them all.

Oh, and I was very disappointed that victory with Jamitov's Titans
only rewarded me with three still-pictures and a voice-over; no
anime-cut scene. The Titans do have a new MS- the Prototype Mark II.
It looks like a Quell with a Gundam head and GP01-fb shield. Lame! In
a game like Giren's Greed where the continuity can be thrown out the
window you think they could come up with something more exciting that
this! I mean how about letting the conservative General Revell build
a giant Fed Mobile Armor? Actually there is a lot I'd love to discuss
about this game but I've just been so busy playing it... :)

NOTICE- I was going to wait until I had something that people could
look at but I might as well reveal that I am working an a big
help/strategy guide for Giren's greed as part of my website. I've
made screenshots of all the menus and lists and will be posting
translations to start out with. (Anyone who wants to help or add
anything just e-mail me.) Give me a few more days.

SOFTWARE GLITCH in Giren's Greed.
I just played a few more turns in Casval's Neo Zeon and on turn 50
Casval starts talking about Amuro, and Newtypes. Then you have an
option, Yes or NO. Choose yes, and after a another message from
Casval, the screen flashes and the game locks up. No cursor, no
nothing. Choose "no", and the game just goes on. Anyone else run into


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