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> Don't think so. The guy (Lt. Nakajima or whatever the name is) just wanted
> stop
> Kou from getting the Gp03 since he was ordered to keep the Albion intact
> the La
> Vie En Rose. Since the Albion is somewhat a "freelance" ship, They don't
> recognize those guys (the one with red glasses who showed up in 0080) as
> their
> superiors. (That guy was the one who gave the orders to restrain the
> Guess
> the Nakajima guy was just following orders, well, maybe a little psycho
> since he
> shot sweet sexy thing Lucette Audivie...

  Yes, he was more then a little psycho. Yeah, he had orders, but that didn't
call for him to go off the deep end. Kou wanted to stop the colony drop, he
wasn't stealing the Unit 3 to steal it, he wanted it to stop the colony drop.
Nakajima is one of those soliders that will listen to an order and follow it
blindly. Anihem Eletronics doesn't seem one to follow orders, they supplied
the Feds and Zeons with MS.


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