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>Can someone straighten this out for me? I'm trying to figure out the deal
>with the two "Gerbera" mechs, the RX-78 GP-04 and the AGX-04. Both are
>called the "Gerbera Tetra"? Is there a reason for this, are the two somehow
>related? I cannot find much information at all on the GP-04, other than a
>pic or two. I guess I'm confused....does this business make sense to anyone
>(well, I get the "tetra" part, but...)? Perhaps if I watch 0083?
>Peter Savin

This is a true FAQ from 0083, it came up at least twice a year here.

The GP-04 was part of the Gundam Project that Anaheim Electronics was
building for the Feds, but the Feds canceled the GP-04 due to budget
reasons. The AE staff that was working on the GP-04 were mostly ex-
Zeonic Corps engineers and finished the suit with their own Zeon-styled
armor, which became the AGX-04 that AE gave to Cima.

The GP-04 pictures you've seen came from the resin kit based off a "what-if"
drawing that was done after 0083 was over, which was in turn based on the
series director or producer's comment linking the AGX-04 to a GP-04, which
was not mentioned at all in 0083.


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