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>Edward Ju wrote:
>> >Gundam HG Web G-Goods magazine reported more detailed info about the Toy
>> >Show products. Here are the ones I thought might be of interest...
>> >
>> >- Very Limited edition Chogokin Kadosenshi G-3 Gundam will be released
>> >in May for 4500yen as part of the 20th Century Toy Museum event. This
>> >item will only be available from selected department stores in the Osaka
>> >area. The weathering effects on the RX-78-2 was unpopular with Japanese
>> >fans and will be omitted from the G-3.
>> Does it come with a pewter figure of Sayla Mass or...?
>No hard facts yet but it looks pretty safe to assume that it will come with a

The green Zaku II didn't come with a figure. You get a Dopp instead (which
is rather cool). Maybe they'll throw in a Core Fighter or Ball with the G3?

>> Do you mean that Casval's Gundam MSiA is sold only through ASCII or...?
>ASCII does have online shopping but there is no mention of the MSiA at
>their website
>yet. They are releasing a strategy guide for the PSX Blood of Zeon at the
>end of
>this month so my guess is that it might be only sold with the book, and
>the product
>may be available through normal retail outlets.

I see... SoftBank must be seeing red now!

>Will you ever reach a point where you say 'that's it, that's enough!' ? : )

Good question! I just checked out the PG Zeta last night. Can't believe
they charged TWICE the amount of a PG Gundam kit, the box is not even 50%
larger than the PG Gundam. It's slightly taller than MG GP02A/Dom/Super
Gundam's box, and thicker than the PG Gundam's box. The outer box is not
your usual two-part (top fits over bottom) box, but a single body with opening
on the left and right sides. This carrying case houses 2 boxes inside, which
are about MG Dom-box-sized. One box has a drawing of Zeta in MS mode and the
other box shows the Waverider. 1st print edition comes with a holographic
motion card, similar to the ones that came with the 1999 Tokyo Plastic Model
and RC Fair show-exclusive MG Casval's Gundam and MG Gato's Gelgoog. In other
words, the cards appear unusually dark and must be held up against a light
source to view (quite impossible without removing it from its packaging,
because it was sealed in plastic with a cardboard behind it!). Tons of metal
screws, I guess snap-fit wasn't good enough for this massive kit.

Got the HGUC Gog kit too. Kinda strange they put this one out before a
Char's Zugock HGUC kit... Bandai hasn't been recycling molds for this
series yet, which is rather bizzare.


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