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Edward Ju wrote:

> >Gundam HG Web G-Goods magazine reported more detailed info about the Toy
> >Show products. Here are the ones I thought might be of interest...
> >
> >- Very Limited edition Chogokin Kadosenshi G-3 Gundam will be released
> >in May for 4500yen as part of the 20th Century Toy Museum event. This
> >item will only be available from selected department stores in the Osaka
> >area. The weathering effects on the RX-78-2 was unpopular with Japanese
> >fans and will be omitted from the G-3.
> Does it come with a pewter figure of Sayla Mass or...?

No hard facts yet but it looks pretty safe to assume that it will come with a

> >Other MSiA annoucements
> >Special paintwork releases - Kunio Ookawara illustration version
> >Also a special promotional Casval's Gundam in conjunction with ASCII (A
> >game software company)
> Do you mean that Casval's Gundam MSiA is sold only through ASCII or...?

ASCII does have online shopping but there is no mention of the MSiA at their website
yet. They are releasing a strategy guide for the PSX Blood of Zeon at the end of
this month so my guess is that it might be only sold with the book, and the product
may be available through normal retail outlets.

> >In conjunction with the Gundam ride, the park will also open a new shop
> >entirely dedicated to Gundam goods - 'Store Gundam'. This shop will
> >become Japan's largest Gundam goods shop and will feature over 1500
> >product lines! including store original goods.

Will you ever reach a point where you say 'that's it, that's enough!' ? : )


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