Neil Baumgardner (
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 13:36:24 -0500

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Rodrick Su writes,
> >Hum... I always thought that the only totally destroy Side is Side 5, with
> >both side lobbing nukes back and forth.
> True, actually. I think I was confused by the Side map switcheroo
> between 0083 and Zeta, after which the space debris cluster in front of
> the moon becomes Side 4. The original Side 4 is probably destroyed to
> about the same extent as Sides 1 and 2...

Okay then, back to the numbers I guess. How would you re-apportion it then?

Also, any guess as to how the 200 million 'other' is apportioned between A Bao A
Qu, Solomon, Luna 2, the Asteroid Belt, and Jupiter colonies?

    Neil Baumgardner

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