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Winn Sevilla asks,

>But why does the AEUG fight against Neo Zeon when what it wants is "total
>freedom" of the colonies?

  Aside from Char (and possibly Char's wingmen Apolli and Roberto), the
AEUG are all ex-Federation soldiers who despise the Zeons just as much as
the Titans. And even Char hates Hamaan for personal reasons, so there's
really no love lost between Hamaan's group and the AEUG. However, during
Z the AEUG's sponsors are trying to arange an alliance for purely
pragmatic reasons.

>Hmmm... I maybe wrong... so what is the REAL OBJECTIVE of Neo Zeon under

  Hamaan wants only one thing: Rulership of Side 3, which she considers
the property of the Zabi family. She makes deals with both the AEUG and
the Titans, promising to help them in return for Side 3, and she finally
gets her wish in ZZ after occupying Dakar and dropping a colony on Dublin.

  Freedom for other space colonies was never part of the Zeon agenda, and
especially not Hamaan's. Char's Neo Zeon has a different goal - forcing
humanity to abandon the Earth - which is arguably more in keeping ith
Zeon Daikun's philosophies.

-- Mark

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