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The primitive goal of Titans may be justified
great human loss and destruction of North-American's
barns caused by Operation Stardust and menace of Axis
(also we've to consider
the intrigues by Jamitow during 0083).Their next
actions like gas attack of side 1 seem to go beyond
security's exigency for establishing a terror system.
However if it is correct to say that there isn't a
totally "evil" or "good" faction in Gundam if we would
know more about the status of Republic of Zeon in this
time (free or occupied nation?)we may give a more
judgement.Anyone may give more details?

--- scritto:
> What show, in time line order, takes place after
> 0083? The Titans are
> announced at the end of 0083, so is Zeta the next
> show that continues the
> beginnings of the Titans?
> Since there's really no "good" or "evil" in Gundam.
> Are the Titans basically
> "good", "neutral", or "evil"? What excatly is the
> Titans? I noticed that some
> of the Mecha pilots and crew of the Albion, at the
> end of 0083, where seen
> puttion on or wearing, those cool Titans uniforms.
> Aaron
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