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> Yes, there sure is some evil characters in Gundam. Cima was pretty vicous and
> seemed evil to me. But is Cima really evil? I know some who are evil in
> Gundam, but can't remember names. The guy that tried to stop Kou from taking
> the GP-03, was pretty psycho. I don't see it as stealing, since Kou wanted to
> stop the colony drop, no matter he also wanted to fight Gato.

Don't think so. The guy (Lt. Nakajima or whatever the name is) just wanted to stop
Kou from getting the Gp03 since he was ordered to keep the Albion intact in the La
Vie En Rose. Since the Albion is somewhat a "freelance" ship, They don't
recognize those guys (the one with red glasses who showed up in 0080) as their
superiors. (That guy was the one who gave the orders to restrain the Albion) Guess
the Nakajima guy was just following orders, well, maybe a little psycho since he
shot sweet sexy thing Lucette Audivie...

"oh my gosh! they shot lucie!"
"you bastard!"

- uhhh, maybe that's what happened exactly... well, not that quite...

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