Sun, 26 Mar 2000 02:21:22 EST

OK, Bandai has released the 0079 Movie Trilogy, 0080, 0083 in US. And is
going to supposedly release 08th MS Team and the Dreamcast Gundam Side Story:
0079 is supposed to be released on April 12, 2000.

I was thinking, since Giren's Greed has mostly 0079 - 0083 mecha and
characters and some from Z, wonder if Bandai will release Giren's Greed in
America? I mean a US Gundam fan or non Gundam fan who liked 0079, 0080, or
0083, would likely like this game and understand the events in this game.

Square/EA released Front Mission 3 in the US and it is a little similar to
the type of game Giren's Greed is. If Front Mission 3 does reasonably well,
I'm sure its a good chance we could see possible US release of Giren's Greed.

Despite what some naysayers say, Gundam seems to be well received and the
steam in Gundam in the US seems to be picking up.

I have been reading some of the comments about Gundam Wing and the model kits
in the various anime newsgroups, action figure newsgroups and a few action
figure message boards. For the most part, there's very few outright bad
comments about Gundam Wing and the model kits. Yes, there are a few bad
comments, but there's a surprising amount of positive comments about GW and
the GW model kits.

The story of Wing is confusing a few people, but once they get used to it,
they really like it. See, a lot of US people, that do not know Gundam, are so
used to good vs. evil and it takes a little time for the complexities of GW's
plot to sink in and be understood.


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