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Sun, 26 Mar 2000 14:28:43 +0800

I thought the initial conversation between Monsha and Cpt. Burning was pretty
cute (the latter punishes monsha with 100 push-ups), but there's a far more
interesting chat when they meet on opposing sides (monsha joins titans while
Burning stays with AEUG in the regular scenerio) where Burning says something
like "monsha...i always knew it would come to this...why must it happen?" and
then monsha responds" don't blame me... i'm only doing my job!" and of course,
Burning blows up his GM Quel....: )

WooJin wrote:

> and I was quite shocked about the conversaion between Amuro and Sayla where
> she says "Amuro...if my brother starts to act up...I want you to kill
> him."..and its pretty fun to watch Bright and Slegger talk about Mirai as
> well ;)

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