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> What show, in time line order, takes place after 0083? The Titans are
> announced at the end of 0083, so is Zeta the next show that continues the

> beginnings of the Titans?
> Since there's really no "good" or "evil" in Gundam. Are the Titans
> "good", "neutral", or "evil"? What excatly is the Titans? I noticed that
> of the Mecha pilots and crew of the Albion, at the end of 0083, where
> puttion on or wearing, those cool Titans uniforms.

the Titans were the bad guys because they were made to supress any Zion
force who would try to go against the Earth Federation. the problem is that
the Titans became glorified thugs who mercilessly innocent people. thus the
AUEG was formed to battle this unjust group. the most notable members of
AUEG are Bright Noah, Amuro Rey, and Char Aznable who went under the alias
of Quattro Vagina

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