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> Er...aaron, if you thought i was saying you didn't
> understand 0080, i apologize. that wasn't my intent.
> :)

Thanks for letting me know this.

> i watched 0080 expecting a lack of mecha battles. i
> wasn't disappointed. as david said, it refused to
> show glamorous mecha action, and i liked it.

Do you like mecha battles? I understand what you mean, but I find it weird to
want a lack of mecha battles in something like Gundam. Mecha are like a
fighter plane or a knights steed, but with more personality. See what I'm

> not "sacrifice". it intentionally merely glossed over
> the mecha battles.

I still think it sacrificed mecha for the sake of the story.

> well, not really. in other genres, the mechs would be
> substituted for tanks, fighters or maybe guymelefs. :P

Tanks and Fighters aren't like mecha. They serve a similar purpose, but are a
different type of machine. The mecha in Gundam maybe be "souless", but they
do have a personality. Tanks and Fighters, don't really have any personality
abou them. Guymelefs are mecha, the medieval version of them :)

> uhhhhhh... sit coms??? ick.

I agree :) Couldn't think of a better example. I hardly ever watch sitcoms or
real life dramas. I like the Simpsons, X-Files, Futurma, King of the Hill.

> it's not merely civillian life, it's civillian life in
> the gundam world that we want to know about.
> civillian life in space colonies, and what happens if
> they're too nosy and get involved in a war.

Yeah, but civilin life in the colonies or in Gundam isn't much different then
it is now. People go to work, school, sleep, eat, etc., the same way now. The
space port is basically the air port. Yeah its a trip through space to Earth,
but its not much different then if we decided put a tourist resort on the

The colonies are fragile and can be wiped out easily, so the have the danger
of that, its less likely, but the Earth is pretty fragile. A huge metor from
space could easily wiped out the Earth, if one happened by :)

I mean, they aren't going to make a Gundam story without mecha.
Sunrise/Bandai are not going to make "life in the day of a colonist from the
Gundam saga" :) What's your favorite Gundam series?

I may misunderstand, but it seems you want less mecha battles and combat in
general. Gundam is always a war story. Gundam is like Top Gun or something,
but with mecha. Mecha most be popular, at least the ones in Gundam, because
Gundam is 20 years old and still going strong and as far as I know, 0080 is
the only Gundam series with an almost total lack of mecha battles.

My basic peeve with 0080 is, the Gundam design is one darn good Gundam and
its ashame its not used more. 0080 Could have been done without a Gundam. The
Zeon's would have done the same thing for Gundam design plans.


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