Tomonaga (
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 17:18:07 +1200 wrote:

> > Well, the Titan uniforms are a major improvement to EFF uniform, and
> > unfortunately, this is also sort of based on our reality where the SS
> > uniform are much more flashy than the regular WWII German Army uniform.
> Yes unfortunately, I know. Though elite corps., good or bad do need better
> uniforms to reflect their skills and to show who they are and that they are
> not regular troops.
> Aaron

Not necessarily. The flashy uniforms have a deliberate purpose in these SS/Titans
type units. They want to be highly visible, highly intimidating, and at the same
time looking 'cool' enough to attract people to join the unit. As in the case of
the SS, this is helped greatly by employing a now famous fashion designer to
design the uniforms : )

There are plenty of real elite units around the world who remain inconspicuous (as
they should be). The best example of this is the Spetznaz - the Russian/former
Soviet Army counterpart of the US Army Special Forces. These men wear plain
medal-free uniforms of the signal corps.


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